The Kaufmann Centre – Facade Project Grant Winner 2006

The Kaufmann Centre was the 1st recipient of the Facade Project Grant. In August 2006 the owners were granted $30,000 to restore the 1920′s department store building. Restoration included a new awning and metal tiles to replicate the original stained glass, new windows on the south and above the awning, brick cleaning and replacement of decorative brick. The Kaufmann Centre was completed in May 2007, and leases space to six businesses. It is one of few remaining examples of Art Deco architecture in Kearney.

The Wort Building – Facade Project Winner 2007

The owner of the Wort Building was awarded a $20,000 Facade Project Grant in August 2007 for exterior improvements including awning replacement, new signage, masonry repair and paint. The building leases street level space to four businesses while the second floor is occupied apartment units. This project has been successfully completed in June 2008.

Yeagley, Swanson-Murray Law Offices – Facade Project Grant Winner 2007

The Yeagley, Swanson-Murray Law Offices have been under construction since May 2006. The owners were awarded a $10,000 Facade Project Grant in August 2007 to complete exterior improvements. The renovation of the facade – including removal of a metal awning, metal tile siding, and the installation of replica windows and doors was completed in October 2007.

Helleberg Building – Facade Project Grant Winner 2008

Siblings Karen and John Helleberg will use their award to remove imitation brick slip-covering, clean and restore bricks, apply thin brick to damaged wood panels, install three canvas awnings, and replace existing signage with historic signage.  The $36,000 project will be supplemented by a grant of $15,000.