Historic Preservation

Revitalizing a historic district is not only a boon to business owners but to the community as a whole.  Downtown Kearney, The Bricks is the focal point of the city's culture and history, and as new developments are constructed in outlying sprawl, it struggles to keep up.

The district must offer something unique and remarkable to the public to compete with new shopping and business developments.  Developing the Downtown area into a distinctive experience requires a commitment of effort and funds by the community and individual business owners.  Only through a cooperative effort can a vital part of Kearney's past be saved from falling to the wayside.

One of the Downtown Improvement Board's goals is to help preserve the architectural character of downtown Kearney. Each year, the DIB offers a Grant Program to assist businesses in the preservation of their buildings. The Grant Program is generously funded by the Kearney Community Redevelopment Authority and administered by the DIB. Assistant City Manager, Brenda Jensen, can advise property owners on the Grant Program and provide resources on how to rehabilitate their buildings while retaining those historic features. A number of additional financial incentives are available for owners of historic properties. More information on the benefits of these programs can be found at these links.

Preservation Links for Historic Buildings

The Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office has published a helpful guide about researching your building, Researching Your Nebraska Property.
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The National Register of Historic Places can be an intimidating idea. This National Park Service brochure explains what it means, what it doesn’t mean, and the eligibility criteria.
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You can see a list and map of all the properties in Nebraska listed on the National Register with links to the actual nomination documents.
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To take advantage of many preservation incentives, rehabilitation must meet standard preservation guidelines. The Secretary of Interior’s Guidelines for Rehabilitation outline recommended practices and how to overcome common obstacles in rehabilitation.
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Rehabilitation of historic buildings can be eligible for federal tax credits. This brochure answers some initial questions.
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Nebraska offers a temporary property tax freeze and gradual adjustment for major rehabilitation of historic properties, the Valuation Incentive Program.
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The National Trust for Historic Preservation offers six practical reasons to save old buildings.
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Learn more about historic designations and what they mean in this blog by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
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The City of Kearney offers an annual Downtown Rehabilitation Grant. To learn more about this grant program, please follow the link below:



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